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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

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Why is committed to environmental protection?
Win customers, "to win competitive advantage over its competition"
"If the same price and quality, two thirds of consumers are willing to choose to have a good reputation of the brand or retailer." (from Cone/Roper, The American Context
Win people - build employee loyalty
"In the company engaged in social public welfare undertakings, up to 87% of the employees of companies with a strong loyalty, rather than the company engaged in social public welfare undertakings, only 67% of employees with corporate loyalty." [source: Cone/Roper, The American Context)
Sustainable development is the SKY - LIGHTING to an important part of the development strategy in the world. Over the years, SKY - LIGHTING are trying to apply innovative LIGHTING technology and the development of efficient environmentally friendly production processes in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and to reduce waste ?
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